The airspace surrounding Terminal Island will be affected by NOTAM'S in observance of the Labor Day celebrations at Los Angeles Fleet Week 2019.  Pilots are encouraged to avoid the area or to exercise extreme safety precautions while navigating the vicinity.

Starting Friday evening and extending thru Sept 1st & 2nd, the week-long Los Angeles Fleet Week 2019 Labor Day celebrations at the Port of LA (San Pedro) will be host to flyovers  and aerial demonstrations which include high-speed military jets.  These demonstrations  will be conducted over the channel south of the Vincent Thomas Bridge at 1000’ AGL.  The hours for these operations are from 1000-1845 each day. 

Staging out of KLGB, the jets will be under SoCal TRACON control.  They will launch and Hold offshore prior to coming ashore for their flyover.  The route map shows the basic plan and they will enter in and exit out through the Practice Area at 1000’.  For the weekend, it is suggested that you avoid this area entirely and use the Practice Area west of Pt. Fermin if necessary.  Depending upon aircraft position for the flyover approach, the Long Beach Practice Area may be affected.  The jets will be announcing their positions on the low altitude frequency of 122.85.  All helicopter operations at the target will be at 300’ and lower with transitions to/from higher altitudes inbound and outbound.  

View the Fleet Week Route Map